Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charlie Chan - Old Time Radio - The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus

Charlie Chan in "The Man That Murdered Santa Claus. Very good quality easy to listen to.

Charlie Chan - Old Time Radio - The Romantic Engineer

Charlie Chan in the Romantic Engineer. Sound quality is strong on this one. Very enjoyable.

Charlie Chan - Old Time Radio - Charlie's Daughter Is Kidnapped

Charlie Chan's daughter is kidnapped in this episode. Again the quality is good with some static noise, but the nosie kind of adds to the character of the recording.

Charlie Chan - Old Time Radio - The Tell Tale Hands

Charlie Chan in the Tell Tale Hands. This is the first in our series of Charlie Chan old time radio shows. The quality has been fully checked and is fine.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beyond Midnight - The Man Who Sold His Soul - Old Time Radio

The title of this episode is "The Man Who Sold His Soul". A very decent quality sound on this one.

Beyond Midnight - Let Me See Your Face - Old Time Radio

Another in the series of Beyond midnight. This one is called "Let Me See Your Face". We re engineered this track bringing in the sound much clearer than what was previously available.

Beyond Midnight - 40th Birthday - Old Time Radio

This is a mystery series that was moderately popular. We have a number of these show now on line and will be posting them here. Much more to come.

Welcome To Old Time Radio Shows - Red Skelton

Welcome to Old Time Radio Shows. We have been acquiring a large number of old time radio shows and re engineering and re mastering the sound tracks to make them enjoyable once again. We have also been re mastering a few with subtle background music to fit the nature of the program. It's taken a lot of work, but we are presenting a small number to you now.

To begin this site, we are introducing you to Red Skelton. This episode is called the "Telephone". Warning; This radio show was sponsored by a tobacco company and is advertised throughout the program. Otherwise a very funny show.